Protecting Your Legacy And Helping You Build A Stronger Future

My Approach To Estate Planning

Being proactive with your estate planning is important to ensure your wishes concerning the care of your estate and yourself are carried out to the fullest extent possible. Further, failing to address your estate planning needs can cause headaches for you and your loved ones.

I am Bret Sachter, a Washington attorney with over a decade of estate planning experience. At my firm, The Sachter Law Office, PLLC in Seattle, I help my clients protect their legacy by using my vast knowledge of estate planning and by remaining available to them after my services have concluded. I know there is more than one method of helping my clients, which is why I explore all available options in their legal situations.

How I Can Help You

Estate planning is often far more complex than my clients expect. I am proud to help you through whatever needs you may have involving important personal and estate planning document, including:

  • Last will and testament
  • Burial directive and instructions
  • General durable power of attorney
  • Health care durable power of attorney
  • Health care directive (living will)
  • Advance mental health directives
  • Community and separate property agreements
  • Special needs trusts

At The Sachter Law Office, PLLC, I begin by filling out an in-depth Estate Planning Questionnaire. In a consultation, I discuss your goals for your financial assets, family and health care decisions. Finally, the required documents will be drafted so as to best achieve your goals.

Begin Your Planning Today

There is no telling what tomorrow may bring, making now the best time possible to start your planning. Whether you need to begin your estate plan, update it after a major life event, or execute the directives from a loved one, let me help you make things as simple and quick as possible.

If you are ready to schedule your free initial consultation, call me at 206-690-6318 or email me here to take the first step toward protecting your future with an iron-clad estate plan.